Eastern Roadway Consulting & Training

Eastern Roadway Consulting & Training Incorporated (ERCT) was founded in 2011; it is a Veteran owned and operated entity. We are committed to providing the highest level of leading edge industry training and consulting services in all aspects of heavy equipment operation and low volume road building throughout North America. Our commitment to our clients is to develop and apply “Best Practices” to enhance production and profitability.

Low Volume Roads (LVR’s) are roads, that focus on carrying traffic volumes less than 400 vehicles per day. Depending on the vehicles using them, the roads can be regional roads, or local access roads for the forestry, or the mining and oil industries.


Engineering a low-volume road, requires an authentic knowledge and recognition of traffic characteristics, locations, communities, soil conditions, forests, fisheries, and watercourses.


Thus trusted advice and sound engineering judgments must be adhered to.

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